Change Home Page

Hello I want to change the first-place of my site page. Only When I selects the new page change is not made . Anyone Can he enlighten me? Thank you in advance


You can put per drag and drop your page to the desired place, and you can set another page as your home page (by right-clicking on the page).

Thank to your help but i have do that but they doesn’t work. (I select set as home page )
when i go on my site i have the latest home page

I have your new Accueil page.
Look at the screenshot.

Re-Publish all files, than, clear the browsers cache.

Thank you again , i have done this, and I delete my web history , but I still see my old page is a video. I should get a choice PRIVATE PRO . I try again

I think the problem is this.

You want the page accueil as start page. It’s called www.-----/accueil.html
But you have on the server a file www.------/index.html.

The index.html is the first page, the home page. Every browser pic the index.html as start page. The start page must be a index.html.
Delete the index.html page (Video) or rename it on the server and rename the accueil.html to index html.
That should work.

It works it’s great thank you

My pleasure :wink:

It must work!