Change Home Page

(Stephane Michaux) #1

Hello I want to change the first-place of my site page. Only When I selects the new page change is not made . Anyone Can he enlighten me? Thank you in advance

(Oscar Schmid) #2


You can put per drag and drop your page to the desired place, and you can set another page as your home page (by right-clicking on the page).

(Stephane Michaux) #3

Thank to your help but i have do that but they doesn’t work. (I select set as home page )
when i go on my site i have the latest home page

(Oscar Schmid) #4

I have your new Accueil page.
Look at the screenshot.

Re-Publish all files, than, clear the browsers cache.

(Stephane Michaux) #5

Thank you again , i have done this, and I delete my web history , but I still see my old page is a video. I should get a choice PRIVATE PRO . I try again

(Oscar Schmid) #6

I think the problem is this.

You want the page accueil as start page. It’s called www.-----/accueil.html
But you have on the server a file www.------/index.html.

The index.html is the first page, the home page. Every browser pic the index.html as start page. The start page must be a index.html.
Delete the index.html page (Video) or rename it on the server and rename the accueil.html to index html.
That should work.

(Stephane Michaux) #7

It works it’s great thank you

(Oscar Schmid) #8

My pleasure :wink:

It must work!