Numbering the pages in my site

Hi folks, a bit of a basic question. Apologies.

I managed to publish the site I wrote for our church. However the web address ( lands on the second page of the site rather than the Home page. I am thinking that I probably just need to re-number my pages but I can’t seem to do it correctly.

I wrote the pages in a number of versions and so the page numbers on the meta data aren’t in the same order as the menu bar. They seem to work ok though. I think the problem is that the ‘Who are we?’ page is index.html with no folder. It won’t allow me to give that label to the real home page.

Can anyone help me re-label the home page and re-assign a label to the ‘Who are we?’ page please?

Thank you in advance,

If you go to your page list in the left sidebar, then right-click on the page you want to be your home page, there should be a ‘Set as home page’ option.


Thank you so much Scott and Jason. It worked! Thank you as a Community. I have a lot to learn about authoring websites but it’s great that experienced folks are happy help out. Much appreciated.


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