Just Go Back to Version 5.x?

(Linda Bertani) #1

Really?? I don’t think this is supposed to be that difficult. I am NOT a web guru, don’t know html, etc. That is precisely why I bought RW.

Changed Home Page – not recognized. Resaved multiple times.
Links not Working – Have info in Resources but nothing, not matter what I do.

Again, I am NOT a web mistress. And, again, this is why I wanted RW. I did NOT have these problems in RW5. What’s the dealio??

(Thomas Fitzgerald) #2

When you say you ‘changed the Home Page’. How did you accomplish this?

Step 1: You should be able to change your Home Page by right-clicking the page (you now want to be your Home Page) in the left hand “Pages” sidebar and selecting the “Set as Home Page” option in the drop-down menu.

I have attached a screenshot of this step below.
Screen Shot Image (DropBox)

Step 2: Once you have done this, you also have to change the page “Filename”. You need to change it to “index.html” or “index.php”. Note: Deciding whether to use PHP or HTML is your preference. It is best to use the same extension as the rest of your web pages. RapidWeaver automatically/ usually chooses HTML.

The reason you need to change the “Filename” is because even though RapidWeaver now see’s your newly changed “Home Page” when you export and upload your website to a Web Hosting Server the Server instinctively looks for the “Filename” “index.html” or index.php". Thus without that it won’t know where to find it.

I have attached a screenshot of this step below.

Screen Shot Image (DropBox)

(Thomas Fitzgerald) #3

As per the ‘Links Not Working’. I would have to know more information. Are the links working within RapidWeaver or does the error occur when you export and upload your website? Is it a problem with your website’s navigation links, body links (i.e. links you’ve namely created?) or both?

I’d advise you to ensure the current feature of “File Links Are:” set to “Relative to Page”. This setting can be found within RapidWeaver’s “Configure” panel (which is the spanner icon in the lefthand corner of the application). Under the sub-heading “Advanced” section.

I have attached a screenshot of this step below.
Screen Shot Image (DropBox)

Good luck. I hope this all helps. Please keep us updated. The community is here to help. I know the community has saved my bacon plenty of times.