Change language in Flood Theme?

How can I change the doctype into German?
General settings are already done.

See here:

Future versions will omit the language attribute, letting the one you set in RW8 take precedence.

Currently this must be included for the benefit of people using the theme in RW7. Otherwise if the page has no language declaration, it fails HTML5 validation and creates display problems in Internet Explorer.

Hi, @willwood,

I wonder what you’d consider the best practice regarding language attribute in multilingual websites (using RWML stacks), where none of the languages has a preference over others? Should I use RW’s Site Language: Multiple Languages, or choose one of my languages as having a priority?

@Rovertek Multiple Languages is a good choice to use. That will output:

<html lang="mul">

It’s valid HTML5 and recongnised under ISO 639-3:

So that would be a safe choice to make for a multilingual webpage.

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Thank you!
I could change the settings with TextWrangler.

But now I realize in the code, that one meta tag is empty?

see attachment

It is strange.
If I specify the browser title in the default settings of the Rapidweaver,
it will not be displayed in the source code.
I have manually entered a title tag under “other tags”
This will be displayed.
I can not explain, where the empty field comes from?

Any ideas?

Check in your Page Inspector (meta tags) that you don’t have any empty fields. This meta data is only added by RapidWeaver, not the theme.

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