Changing font size in the editor


When editing, I find the font in the editor very small. Is there a way to make it bigger? I know I can do it for each page, but selecting all and using the Cmd-+ combination. But it would be a lot better to have a general preference.

Is there already, and I just can’t find it? Or is there a hidden preference in a .plist I can change to change the editor’s font size?


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@Paolo I’m afraid don’t think this option exists. But it would be a very nice feature.

Doing a Cmd - + kind of works, but it has the side effect of adding a font-size style to your website too – which is probably not something you really want to do most of the time.

I had 20/20 vision when I started using RW 15 years ago, but now I wear reading glasses to use a computer. When I need to edit some text in RW I usually change the resolution on my display. On a retina display this comes out pretty nicely, actually. :nerd_face::face_with_monocle:

also: mentioning this to @dan just in case.

To RMS developers: BTW the font size in Stacks is directly related to the RW Styled Text View. It is very difficult to change the size without significant negative side effects.

This is a feature request I get a lot. It was most recently requested by none other than @joeworkman. Here is the bug in my doc in my bug reporter brainstorming possible solutions. But it would obviously be awesome if this were built into the RW Styled Text engine itself.


Something I do, sometimes, is to use the ctrl-drag up/down shortcut to zoom the display. I guess this has to be activated in the Accessibility system preferences.

This is however not viable, when you have to work with more windows, maybe comparing contents.


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Everything Paolo said. I have some vision problems, and it’s far more effective to be able to change the viewable font size than to use Mac Accessibility methods.

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