Change 'Offsite Page' Name

Just noticed that re-naming an Offsite Page - unlike other pages - doesn’t change the page name in Navigation. Is this a bug?

What theme are you using? I’ve tested it in Source (nav), it’s working as expected.

Foundation 1 - but I doubt that’s to blame. Definitely something weird in my project! If I delete the original page, add a new one and give it the correct new name, it still reverts to the original name in preview but displays fine in the live site. I have tried this 3 times!

I quickly did a test in Foundation1, same results - all working.

Like you say, maybe something strange in the project?

Might be to do with being a sub-page. Original problem page is a sub page. I have tested in a random theme and the offsite page title doesn’t show as a sub-nav item at all - the tab is there but no text. Other page types show fine as sub nav tabs. Interesting :face_with_monocle:

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You’re talking about changing “Untitled Page” to something else in the navigation menu?

Again, I’ve just tested this in Foundation1 as a sub-page and the nav menu title changed and was visible. Or is it a different issue?

Yes - what triggered it is as follows:

I have a site where the “News” header has 5 sub pages - one of which is an offsite page to a WordPress blog. It was always called ‘Hot Topics’ but recently they decided to simply call it ‘Blog’. I made the changes and all was fine until the client called up (2 weeks later) to say it was still called ‘Hot Topics’. To me the live site said ‘Blog’. But when I looked in the project file, the left-side page menu says Blog (as amended) but the preview sub-nav says Hot Topics - and I can’t change it. Even deleting the old page and starting over still renders as ‘hot topics’ This is definitely a gremlin having a laugh!

A weird one!

And, these 2 screengrabs show some kind of an issue. In one theme, Offsite pages don’t show as sub nav items (maybe because text is white in the dropdown?) and in another they show just fine (in a plain vertical sub menu).

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