Change Page URL Naming

RW appears to have a default page naming system. This is an example of how it named one of my pages: I would like to change the names. Is there a way to change the default naming globally to maybe use the page title? If not, can I change the name of each individual page by changing the Folder: name in the Inspector? I don’t notice other RW created sites with page1, page2, page3… names. What do the builder’s of those sites do?

I have a feeling I’m supposed to change either the Folder: or Filename: in the General Settings tab of the Inspector window.

I don’t think there is a global way to change folder names, since there is no sense in having all folders named the same way. As a matter of fact, navigation would be impossible if all folders were named alike. So, yes, you should change the name to something unique, that makes sense – according to what the content of the page(s) is/are. By choosing appropriate names for pages and folders and assigning related pages to the same folder, you create a structure of your web site.

For example, you could use folder name “Welcome” for pages: SiteMap, About, Tech Info. Pages like: Gallery1, Gallery2, Gallery3 could go into a folder named “Galleries”, single-page documents could go into a folder named “Documents”, etc. Those are, of course, only suggestions.

And don’t forget about the Browser Title. Not only it gives a viewer a hint, but it is also required by Google in the ranking process.

Got it working the way I want now. Thanks @Rovertek