Nav bar customized in Foundation theme

I’m using the Top Bar navigation (Foundation theme) and creating an offline page as you do in the video with this below as the page title.


However, the page is not showing up in the navigation at this link below.

The only ones that are showing are the regular pages of the site. How do I customize the nav bar with pages like this? I watched your video and I must be missing a step.

My own page

Do you mean Offsite page?

Did you clear your browser cache and check again?

Do you have the page inspector setting “show in Navigation” unchecked?


Yes. I cleared browser data and refreshed still not working. Here’s my setting on the page in RW.


This is related to Joe Workman’s Foundation theme and the Top Bar navigation settings. I watched his video here.

It doesn’t seem to work for me.

Ok, I think I know what you mean now…

The part that is left out of the tutorial video (and is in the docs on his doc portal and also you could use his Foundations sample project file which is also available from his doc portal.

Offsite page with Header tags - Good

Go to Inspector (the i Icon upper right)

First tab (General)

  • Show in Navigation - checked
  • Folder name - as required
  • Filename - as required

Last Tab (Page)

  • Leave the URL http:// or change to # , doesn’t matter which as the page will not display.

Save page

Now, when you preview from a different page the TEST menu item will show and have a link icon but not go anywhere. Preview of the TEST page itself will display nothing at all because it is not a page per se

Does that help?

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Got it! Thanks for all your help.


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