Change position, sizes and fonts in Future theme banner


I’m not new to Rapidweaver (since v.2 or 3) but I am to RW 8 having upgraded from v6 after not touching my website for a decade. I’m messing with the structure of a new website (above) and using the Future template as my playground before I decide on design, add images and so on.

If you see my current site, I’ve extracted bits of CSS from various replies on this forum as I’ve changed the banner image height and the position and other aspects of the text. But I’ve reached my copy, point, click and play limit and need to know how to adjust the banner text, font and size. As you will see I’ve done away with the slogan in one place.

How do I shift the navigation left and right? At one point I had it different on the two pages different but that was by accident.

How do I adjust the positions, fonts and sizes in all banner text, change the second line of text size and font and distance from the main title? Similarly if I do add the slogan, how do I control the typography and position of that?

I’ve just seen that the site is not showing correctly on my iPhone, any advice about fixing this much appreciated.

Many thanks in anticipation.


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