How to change banner font size in Japanese theme

Upgraded from RW3.6 to RW 8 and it wouldn’t migrate, so building new site from scratch. The theme we like is Japanese. The problem is the font size in the banner is too large. How can I override the CSS for that? If you suggest new CSS HTML, where do I put it exactly? Thanks, Bob

I found this thread that is close to what I need: Font size change in Title But the advice provides code to change a second line of the banner title. I need to make the font smaller on the very first line.

Do you mean the Japanese Fantasy theme?

If so, I’d recommend you choose another. That’s a very old, non-responsive theme and won’t serve you well.

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HI Robbeattie. Thanks for your suggestion. My wife teaches Qigong. The site is instructional only. She wants a theme that reflects her esthetic. All the new themes are hard edged/techno. Also, she doesn’t like what backgrounds.

White backgrounds

Seriously Robert, I’d strongly recommend something else. I remember the Japanese theme from way back in version 3.6 I think, and it’ll cause you more problems than it solves.

Take a look at the selection of themes on this site - - and see if there’s anything there that might suit. Remember that many themes will allow you to change the background colour, as well as many other elements.

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If you’re set on using the JF theme this CSS will do it. Just find the Settings in the left hand column and select Code. Then click the CSS tab and paste this into the empty space.

#featureImage div h1 {
font-size: 46px;
font-style: normal;
padding-top: 23px;

Then reduce the font-size to whatever suits.


We took your advice and bought Old Pages. Downloaded it. Uncompressed the theme. It must have installed, because if I try to do it again, it says it already exists. However, it does not appear in RW* under themes. Where is it? and how can I get it to show up in themes? THX

Hi Robert, I’m about to go into a virtual Friday night drink here in England so can’t help right now. Multithemes has support, or maybe someone else can chime in if you’re keen to keep moving.


Just unzipping the file does not install it into Rapidweaver. Drag and drop the unzipped theme onto the RW icon on your dock. Then restart RW and look in the theme selector/browser and it should be there.

Yep, that did it. Thanks - very impressive response times on support! This is definitely better than the old RW3.6 we have been using all these years. Thanks Bob

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