Change "Show in Navigation" Default to NO - unchecked

This is a kind request to @dan and Realmac Software to set the default “Show in Navigation” option to “NO” - (unchecked). How many times have I created a test page only to have “Test” appear LIVE on my main website nav bar.

Or better yet, give us the option to set our preferred default value in General Settings prefs.

So is it showing up even though it is checked or are you saying you are forgetting to uncheck it??

Yes… I get in a hurry… thinking… it’s only a test page… and I forget to uncheck it.

I normally have a test page setup and non-active (and unchecked) and when I do make a new production page it is almost always a duplication of a similar existing page. But this compounds the issue as I create a new page so rarely I just don’t think to un-check the “Show in Navigation” option…

Best practices to me would be to leave the “Show in Navigation” off…

Maybe I’m the exception but the majority of my pages are not in the Nav bar… so why default to “on?”

I would say that this could be an option in the RW preferences, I prefer it on, but I can see where others would want it off.

It’s very rare that I let this happen but when I do… Well… do you want your client to see a navigation tab anywhere that says “TEST” ??? Not good. Yes, it’s my fault but the software can help cover my oversight.