Newbie question about navigation

(Graham J Hadlington) #1


I have just moved over from Windows to Mac so I could use Rapidweaver. I have created all my pages for a new site but, when I preview oily the page I’m working on shows in the navigation bar?

Any help much appreciated

Many thanks

(Rob Beattie) #2

Hi there and welcome to the forums.

Can you see the pages you’ve created in a list down the left hand side when you switch to Edit mode?

(Graham J Hadlington) #3

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your swift reply.

Yes, the pages are all showing in edit mode


(Greg Schneck) #4

There is a option box you need to check if you want pages to show in the main nav bar. Up in the very top bar next to “publish” on right side note the “Inspector.” Click the larger circle “i” and your page inspector will show on right side of window. Verify that “show in Navigation” is checked. This option box determines what shows in the main nav.

(Graham J Hadlington) #5

Many thanks Greg, I will give that a go

Many thanks again

(Graham J Hadlington) #6

I have done that but the pages are still not showing


(Dave Farrants) #7

The name of the Theme you’re using might help us to solve it.

(Graham J Hadlington) #8

Hi Dave,

I’m using the Offroad theme at. present.


(Dave Farrants) #9

Just tried a test site with 4 pages using Offroad and I can’t make the menu items disappear unless the check box is unticked - sorry! Maybe some screen shots might help?

(scott williams) #10

You don’t have the pages set to draft do you?

(Graham J Hadlington) #11

Ah, will check that thank you

(Graham J Hadlington) #12

No, no pages are set to draft

(Dave Farrants) #13

If you can close RW then access the RW project file, zip it then Dropbox it I’ll take a look (my email in my profile)

(Graham J Hadlington) #14

Hi Dave,

I’ll get that done today and many thanks.


(Graham J Hadlington) #15

Sent young a zipped file Dave

(Dave Farrants) #16

Got it - this is what I see when previewed in a browser.

(Dave Farrants) #17

Made a new page called Test, shows in Menu, from Home page when Test is clicked it goes to the Test page.

Is there something I’m either not seeing or understanding about your problem?

(Graham J Hadlington) #18

Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for your time.

I can’t understand why it won’t show in preview in RW? I must admit that I haven’t previewed in Safari as yet.

Should I always preview in a browser then?

Thank you again sir for your time

(Dave Farrants) #19

No, Preview should work in RW, Command+P from within RW will open your browser and preview.

I would strongly suggest you also look at investing in the Stacks plugin, it’ll turbocharge your RW and website building, there are plenty of free Stacks from developers on here to get you going and you can buy extra Stacks to give you specific features at very reasonable prices.

(Graham J Hadlington) #20

It does preview in Safari with Command+P great but not within RW. Am I being a prat and it only previews the site fully in a browser?

What would you recommend as the overall stacks app for building a complete website that is easy to learn?

Many thanks