Change single line height in sidebar

I want to fiddle with some styled text in a sidebar. It looks like using shift-return puts in a soft return which keeps lines together at the default line height and forms a nice text block, However, a full return puts more space between text blocks than I want. Is there any way to adjust this?

I’ve tried using <p style="line-height:0.4> but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

I’ve tried using the Format menu to make font size smaller - also no luck.

any suggestions? Thanks!

What theme are you using? Do you have a link to an live, example page?

I would do this by enclosing each paragraph (text block) in the standard, HTML paragraph tags. I would then add some CSS to adjust the margin settings for paragraphs in the sidebar. It won’t look that pretty in the sidebar editor, but should look fine on the page.

Add your text like this in Page Sidebar:

<p>This is paragrapgh 1</p><p>This is the second text block</p>

Add this to your page or site-wide CSS area:

#sidebar p {
    margin-top: 10px;
    margin-bottom: 10px;

Adjust the top and bottom margin as you like. Depending on your theme, we may have to adjust the CSS.


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Thanks for getting back to me Don.

I’m using WeaverThemes’ Solitude.

Just published first rough iteration of website, Chillidog gave me a temporary url of
Once that stabilizes url will be

Here’s a picture of the situation. On the current sidebar I put soft returns (shift-returns) at the end of each line, a hard return after the last line of each section. I tried using

at ends of lines, at ends of paragraphs, etc. - didn’t seem to make a difference.

Thanks for your help!

Robert Rosenbaum


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Can I get a screenshot of what you have entered into your sidebar field in RW?

You should also scale and compress your Lotus.jpg image. It’s 8.4MB, which is way too big for a web page. I’d scale it to a width of 1200-1600px. You should easily be able to get that image to below 165k with no discernible difference.

The problem is styled text. Unless you mark something as a paragraph it’s just “loose” text.


You can mark the hole side bar to change the line spacing:

.sidebar {
    line-height: .5;

You should play around and change the value.

Thanks, Doug. Very Helpful.

Robert Rosenbaum


2617 51st St
Sacramento CA 95817-1617

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