Change submit button typeface in FormSnap

Anyone know how I can change the typeface of the submit button in FormSnap 2.1.7? All my other ‘buttons’ (using Flat Button) match - but FormSnap submit button styling options are limited. Big thanks.

Do you have a link to your page?

I have Formsnap 3 and have used this CSS for the submit button fonts:

.yd-sub-text {
font-family: YourFontName;

But as I recall the selector name was different in Formsnap 2.

Thanks David. Here you go…

Try tHis:

.formsnap_submit {
    font-family: fantasy;

Chnage the font family to what you want.

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Try this:

.btn.custom.btn-lg.formsnap_submit {
font-family: YourFontName !important;

You might not need the important.

Probably @teefers CSS is the way to go.

Thanks Doug. Thats works. Just trying to remember how to change the weight of the font…

Thanks David.

The font weight will need a little more specific selector

button.btn.custom.btn-lg.formsnap_submit {
    font-weight: normal;

CSS font-weight property (

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Thanks very much. All sorted.

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