Font colour FormSnap

How can I change the font colour from the LABEL with FormSnap?

I mean the text which the visitor will see (for example: “Name”, “Email” etc.). Standard colour is red…

and by the way, how I can change any colours from the forms in FormSnap?

The formsnap base has a couple of options for label colours.

Other than that it’ll be the theme which governs the colours used for each form element.

If you can provide a link to your site and state the colours that you would like to use for each form element it should be possible to provide some custom CSS to achieve the styling you want.

Hello kryten

Thanks a lot for your message. Right now I don’t have a link. I would like to change the colour of the text (LABEL) and the colour of the fields. Perhaps you have some css:-)


Hi @oakland

I’d be happy to, but right now you are asking me to find your needle in a haystack…

Formsnap is a very richly textured suite of stacks with lots of different CSS classes to granularly capture settings for labels for name, email, telephone, text input, checkboxes, drop downs and much more. Not only for the labels -> also for the actual text the user enters in those controls.

For example (assuming you have a “name” element in your formsnap structure) try this CSS:

label.control-label.formsnap-label.required {
  color: #5f2 !important;

Now the label probably isn’t red anymore :wink: but it also probably didn’t impact all of the labels you are after, did it?

The specific CSS that you need might only take a couple of minutes to identify and put together… but until I know exactly what it IS you want to style, I can’t really help. Speaking personally, of course… maybe someone else has them all up their sleeve - but I’m not that smart :slight_smile:


Can you set here. Style settings. To set the color of the fields, I don’t know.

Here the code for the fields.

background-color: green;
background-color: green;

background-color: green;

background-color: green;

Hi oscar

Thanks. I tried this, but it only works with one field, see picture:-(

Hi Oscar

Just another point: I have 2 checkboxes and they have such a huge distance between them, see picture. Do you know how I can bring them closer together?


That code only works with the email field, because the code is addressed.
My code works with my fields, name, email, subject. You must customize your code.
For me it’s impossible to do this.
I need a URL to see this.

background-color: green;

About the checkboxes, I can not say anything.


You can see the label/name for the code here. Try this.

My checkboxes are right, I think. List horizontal makes a little better.

Hello Oscar

Great help!!! Thank you very much :smile: