Change the colour of the cart buttons in Rapidcartpro

I have been through the training video by Rapidweaverclassroom, and used the UIKit to change most of what I want, but I cannot find the cart button that appears with each product. The button remains a green colour that doesn’t for with my scheme. Van anybody point me to what to find? Thanks in advance!

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I tested this in a test site with Rapidcart and it works.

.uk-button-success {
    background-color: #;
    background-image: none;

After the # in background color, you’ll need to insert your preferred color code.

This code should be put in the customisation > style page in your RapidCart settings.
When I tested this, it changed the colour of the button, but the hover colour remained green. Let me know if you want to change that also.


Thank you NeilUK! So the little devil is button-success!