Change the colour of the cart buttons in Rapidcartpro

(Robert Neely) #1

I have been through the training video by Rapidweaverclassroom, and used the UIKit to change most of what I want, but I cannot find the cart button that appears with each product. The button remains a green colour that doesn’t for with my scheme. Van anybody point me to what to find? Thanks in advance!

(NeilUK) #2

I tested this in a test site with Rapidcart and it works.

.uk-button-success {
    background-color: #;
    background-image: none;

After the # in background color, you’ll need to insert your preferred color code.

This code should be put in the customisation > style page in your RapidCart settings.
When I tested this, it changed the colour of the button, but the hover colour remained green. Let me know if you want to change that also.

(Robert Neely) #3

Thank you NeilUK! So the little devil is button-success!