Changing colours for field border and hover button - RW8 Theme Artful - standard Contact Form

Hello! I am using Theme Artful and added a standard Contact Form Page.
I want to change the field border colour and the hover colour for the Submit button.

Changed the site settings colours:
I set the

The border colour is blue …

same as button …

I thought setting the site colour (#6DBF98) would be enough, but apparently not?!
Any help is much appreciated!

Many thanks :pray:

You’ll need to do this with some CSS code.

In the right-hand, page inspector paste the following code in the CSS box on the HTML pane (3rd from left).

.form-input-field:focus {
	border-color: #6DBF98;
.form-input-button:hover {
	background-color: #6DBF98;
	border-color: #6DBF98;	

You can change those colors as needed.


Thank you so much for this Don!
I really appreciate your help.
Have a wonderful day and stay healthy!

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