Change Color of Submit Button in Formloom Contact Page

How do i change the color of the submit button from bright green to anything else? Thanks

Which Theme? Which (Type of) Page - since it… all depends :slight_smile: .

Go to Formloom Settings → Style → Use Custom Settings


So When i go to style settings I dont see the submit button or any bright green color. Neither do I see any bright green color in the Strata theme settings.
Here is the website page:
And I am using Strata by Nick Cates


The settings in Peppermint’s screen grab are for FormLoom’s Style: in FormLoom Edit, select the rightmost icon at top right of the page (Theme, the hexagon with the circle inside); select ‘Style’ from there (fourth of five across).

Single click on the ‘Primary Color’ box and change it to the colour you want; that’s what determines the Submit Button. Good luck!

Awesome, Thanks! since it was black, I assumed it was for something else. but it worked, no more green.


I agree: ‘Primary Color’… of what?