Contact Forms advice please

Hi All

I am using the standard contact form under RW7. Can anyone recommend a replacement contact form that is more flexible etc?

One of the reasons I am asking, is that I simply can not see how to alter the colour of the text that appears above the contact form fields ‘Your name’ ‘Message’ etc. Customisable text boxes yes but not the text box titles.

I am using Feather Theme by the way.

Thanks in advance

You can try this CSS in the RW CSS container for the contact form page:

label {
    color:  green;

Obviously you can change the color to whatever you wish.

As you did not supply a URL I am only testing this against the Feather theme demo page…

Regarding recommendations for other form tools: I can recommend FormSnap/FormLoom and MachForms, but if you can be more detailed about your requirements I’m sure we can be more detailed in our recommendations.

Check the contact form from @Doobox at:

Does that form allow you to change the color of the field labels from the stacks UI?

Yes. You select them (highlight them), and use the colour picker at the bottom of the stacks edit mode interface.

Note: Where ever you see a text area in stacks that allows you to double click in to edit the text, you can use the colour picker at the bottom of the stacks window to change the colour of that text. Note to note: Some stack may have CSS to explicitly override your colour choice in preview, but it won’t hurt to try :slight_smile:

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Thats awesome… never noticed that before and I’ve been using your HTML contact form for years!

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Formloom 3 plug in from YabDab is excellent, allows extensive styling and has a lot of options to build far more complex forms. Formsnap is the stacks version but Formloom has a stack included and imho the plug in has a much easier interface.

Hi Stuart

Apologies, I have only just seen your message, and it worked!
Many thanks for that tip, sorry I was so tardy in responding!



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Can you tell me if this product allows you to include drop down fields (for example, STATE)?

Are you using stacks?

If you are…Doobox Contact Form