Changing Margin & Padding

(coggia ) #1

Hello, I’m new to rapidWeaver, I’ve made an example page with a selected Theme (the offroad one),and I just like to reduce the margins of the theme, but I cannot find where, the theme doesn’t got any margin and border variables to tweak ?

(coggia ) #3

Okay thanks,
but for pre built themes like this one (it’s built in with rapidweaver), have you any idea where these theme css are stored ?

(scott williams) #4

you probably don’t want to modify the theme’s CSS, just override it in site wide or page code area.

(coggia ) #6

Thanks for your replies. I’m not that new to html and css, but I’m a total newbie to rapidweaver soft.
So in order to get my simple pages with the border that I want, do you advise me to install Stack, or is it better to use Foundation instead?

(coggia ) #8

okay thanks again for your explanations, I’ll look forward to this
Thanks again

(David) #9

Foundry and ULKit are other 'freeform frameworks" available for RW in addition to Foundation.