Changing Masterstyle. How do you do it? The method I used to create the original Masterstyle does not work. The original Masterstyle keeps returning. I cannot get the new one

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You can change the default theme in Preferences, but I don’t know if that’s what you’re wanting to do :frowning:

In my own personal experience I’ve found that if you use a Master Style in more than one project you have to “re-select” it in the “other” projects if it has been changed. So… if you have theme style “MAIN” set as your Master Style and you change it, then when you go to other projects you need to “re-select” (from the Theme Styles pulldown) “MAIN” again, even though it is showing.

At least, that is how it works for me. Master Style doesn’t “grab” the update unless you actually select it again in the other projects…

Your experience may differ…

Thank you Greg. I know that I have to reselect. My problem is that I cannot switch from one Master Style to another. I am locked into the Style I chose at the beginning, but I want to change that style.
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Thank you Graham. I changed the default theme in Preferences to Allegro (the new Master Style to which I want to switch), but I remain still stuck in Split (my original Master Style). I just don’t know how I can get out of Split, the Master Style I created first.

I agree: although a very useful concept, the mechanics of changing Styles in RW remain difficult and maybe a touch counter-intuitive.

There have even been cases when it appears to have been implemented differently (incorrectly?) from Theme developer to Theme developer.

A short step by-step tutorial on how to manage Styles, including the master, would certainly be useful.

So you are wanting to change an entire site to a theme default? I may have mis-understood as to me a “Master” style is set my the user once the theme has been tweaked to exactly what they want. So the Master style and theme default can easily be two different things (I think.)

I agree it is confusing. There are times when I select the themes drawer and click on a theme and I get a dialog such as “Change all pages to Master style” and then there are times when I don’t get the dialog. I don’t know the condition that causes it to pop-up. It seems to popup when I don’t want it to and not popup when I do… :slight_smile:

I changed the theme default in Preferences from Split (my original theme) to Allegro, the theme I want to switch to, but I remain stuck in Split. When my default would be Allegro I would like to develop a Master Style for Allegro. Does that make sense?

Yes, I would love a step-by-step tutorial regarding Theme styles. I have a website I designed in Themeflood’s Ocean ver 1.3 and now I have ver 3.1 and when I choose that version in the theme palette, it defaults to the default theme choices for everything. The only choice I have it to pick use Master Style which is not what I want.

I want to use the style I spent hours coming up with when I originally built the site. There must be some way to import that style to the new version of the theme without have to rebuild it all over again.



I agree: I believe the designers have a clear idea of how it all is supposed to work. But unless you can weave (no pub=n intended) your way exactly through the path and not take a single mis step, it’s tricky.

Full Tutorials anyone at RM, please?