Edit master style content?

I created my site using RW 5 and have now upgraded to RW 7. I followed the manual’s instructions to apply the master style to every page. Some things have changed on the site, and I now need to edit the content in the style. I know I can edit the style’s layout using its index.html, but how do I find and change the objects/text that are displayed in the style? Specifically, there is a menu with (broken) links that I need to edit.

Hi, David, I’m not sure I understand your issue. So, let’s start from the beginning of master style creating process.

As you must know, each theme has its own set of styles. You can create the ‘master style’ for use on all pages of your project. You can also create and save custom style(s) that you can use on specific page(s), to substitute for the master style.

To set your master style, you click on ‘Master Style’ in the left sidebar of RW project:


Then, in the Page Inspector you can see, choose and edit the styles to your liking:

If you want to create a custom style, you follow a very similar process, except you need to select the specific page in your project first. Then, you go to Page Inspector and click the ‘Styles’ tab:

Now, you can edit every aspect of your theme’s style. Don’t forget to save your custom style, otherwise, it won’t last when you switch to another page or quit RW. You can do that by clicking on a little gear icon on the right side (see the screenshot above).

You can now select any page in your project and assign your saved custom style to it. As a matter of fact, you could create a separate style for each page of your project, if you’d insist (but why?). You could also skip ‘master style’ altogether and create your own custom style(s).

BTW, broken links in the menu have nothing to do with styles.

I hope this helps. If you need more help, post your questions.

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Rob, thank you for your detailed response. This is what appears at the top of every page on my web site (http://navier.engr.colostate.edu):

I am pretty sure I got the items on the left to appear by entering a Title, Slogan, and Site Logo in the General settings. What’s causing me grief is the item labeled “menu” on the right. Hovering over that word displays a menu of choices that link to various pages on my site. At some point, using RW 5, I entered the words to display in the menu, and the links to follow.

I cannot figure out where or how to access that material to make changes. That’s what I mean in my original post about editing content.

David, are you sure about that menu? Normally, the theme creates the menu for you automatically, when you add pages. So, for example, if you add a page and name it “Carrots And Peas”, you will notice another menu item that says “Carrots And Peas” (unless you uncheck the “Show in navigation” checkmark in Page Inspector).

Thanks for bringing the obvious to my attention! No, I’m not sure I manually added items to the hover menu. With one exception, all items in that menu correspond to the list of pages on the left hand side of the RM window, with the same names, and in the same order.

There is one page on that site that does not appear in the menu, though, and I don’t see any obvious reason why, if the pages are automatically added to the menu. Unless there is a maximum number of items that can be listed, maybe? It’s the last page listed in the left pane.

I’ll try your suggestion and add a new page and check to see if it’s automatically added to the list.

The ‘missing’ page from the menu may simply have the ‘Show in navigation’ option in the Page Inspector unticked. If that’s the case, put the tick back and it’ll appear.

Right you are. Many thanks to you and the other Rob for the guidance.

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