Changing page from Styled Text to Stacks loses links

I have many Styled Text pages at my website that I want to change to the Stack type. The problem is that when I try this, I lose any existing links within RW.

What I did was to duplicate a Stacks page that already has my header, sidebar, etc. I then populated this Stacks copy with the content from a Styled Text page … adding new stacks of course.

Next I deleted the old Styled Text page and changed the Stacks page’s Inspector/General Settings. Specifically, I set the Browser Title, Folder and Filename to be identical to the old Styled Text page.

E.g., my new page had the same location as the old page. This ensured that after I published the site, it did not break any links such as at Google or external pages that pointed to my page.

The problem is within RW, however. If I go to other pages in RW that had links to my page, the link URLs have disappeared. Specifically, the link URL is “Missing page”.

Clearly, deleting the Styled Text page caused the RW internal links to break. But making a new Stacks page with the same location (Folder, Filename) does not then re-establish the links.

My question is, how can I change a Styled Text page to become a Stacks page with the same name/URL/location without losing links in this way?

I am on RW 8.0.3, and Stacks 3.6.6.

BTW, the Health feature did not seem to find this type of internal broken link.

Thanks for any help!

What happens with the links when you perform right click on the text page and select replace with… ?

I’m not sure what you mean. I think you are saying that I should right click on the Styled Text page, and select the “Replace with…” menu.

But when I right click on a Styled Text page (in the left-hand Inspector window) I do not see a “Replace with…” menu. I see the following;


Can you be more specific about what I should be clicking on to get “Replace with…”?

Which exact version of RW are you using?

Seems this functionality isn’t any more available in the latest version of RW8. Maybe @dan is able to say if this functionality will return.

RW 8.0.3. I am delaying upgrading until the “missing linked files” problem in 8.1.X has been resolved.

I would definitely like to request to @dan that RW be able to replace one type of page such as Styled Text, with another type such as Stacks, without losing all of RW’s internal links that go to that page. If I understand the old “Replace with…” capability, that sounds like what I am looking for.

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