Recreating a Page without losing Page Links to the page

I have old “Styled Text” pages that I want to turn into Stacks page. I have LOT’S of links to these via the standard RW “Page” linker.The new page will have the same name and url as the old page.

Can I delete and re-create this page without losing all the incoming links to it?

When does RW actually check validity of links? Project open? Project close? I too often get the dreaded “null null” when running a link checker. This is due to my redoing pages to a new style page.


Provided the new (Stacks) page which you create has the same name and extension and provided its parent/enclosing folder is identically-named, you should be OK.

Note that - since you can’t have two folders with the same name - you will have to temporarily rename your existing(/old) folder before creating the new (Stacks page) folder.

Thanks… I thought same but I still have times this doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps I’ll do some experimenting. For whatever reasons my “Page” links just “loses it link” sometime and I can’t figure out why.

On a side note… I just updated the site to a new responsive Theme. After I uploaded my new pages I had all kinds of broken page links on pages that nothing was done except to apply the new theme. So I’m just not sure what’s happening…

I use “by URL” for linking whenever possible because my url names are actually more “stable.”