StageDive + Charter = A great combo! 📊

Hi all,

If you have @instacks’s excellent StageDive stack/theme then you’ll want to read on…

I’ve been working with Jannis to create an integration of Charter stack with StageDive. Presentations, like the type that StageDive creates, often use charts to display data and so these 2 stacks make a great fit.

Due to the unique way that StageDive operates, a special version of Charter is required to work within it and so Charter (StageDive edition) was born! This version ensures that all animations, toolltips and filtering functions work within the presentation style format.

See Charter(StageDive edition) in action here

Charter(StageDive edition) is free to all and available to download now from

NB: This version of Charter will only work within StageDive stack (and you’ll need to make sure you update to v1.1.0 of StageDive). To add charts to your regular RW projects you will still need to purchase the regular version of Charter (available for only 1 more day at 20% off with code sth-charter-launch!).

Enjoy :slight_smile:


All kudos to @habitualshaker for creating this special version of Charter Stack :smiley:


This is turning into a presentation maker’s dream toolset.


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