Checkbox field in Post Office stack

I’m using the Joe Workman Post Office stack with MadMimi to offer a download to my customers. It’s been working beautifully. They enter an email and immediately get the download. But because of the new GDPR laws I need to add an explicit opt-in checkbox to confirm users are happy for us to email them.
However it seems I can only add text fields within Post Office. Is there any way to add a checkbox within the stack? Or any other suggestions of how I can do it?
I’m using the Shift theme and haven’t yet made the jump to Foundation.

Have you gotten the latest update (1.8.1)?? There is a checkbox near the bottom that will allow you to add this:

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Oh amazing! I will update. Thanks so much.

I have updated the stack and enabled the new GDPR checkbox but I have a couple of problems with it:

  1. It displays fine on an iPhone and Windows Chrome browser but on an iPad and Mac Chrome browser the checkbox shows as an un-enterable text field the full width of the stack.
  2. The info passed to MadMimi doesn’t seem to include the checkbox field. Am I missing something?

The checkbox does not have any data associated with it. It purely stops the form from being submitted if its not checked.

We would need a URL to see what might be happening.

Ah I see, thank you. Unfortunately that doesn’t help with GDPR as we have to be able to prove that someone has actively opted in to receiving emails. So we need to be able to point to a field value with a date. Are there any plans to add a checkbox field that passes the value to the database?

just add a hidden field with the date in it - if they check and the form is sent you will get it, if not, you don’t need it anyway.

Edit: I don’t have PostOffice I am assuming it has hidden fields like Foundation forms? @zeebe

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No it does not. I am not sure as to what should be given on this or not, have tagged Joe to look at it, but I know he is nose down in code so he might not see it today.

What are these two?

Custom FIelds
Show Custom Field?: (checkbox) Show the Custom Field?
Default: false
Placeholder: (input) The label for the custom field
Enable: When Show Custom Field? is set to true
Default: Custom Field
Label: (input) The label for the custom field
Enable: When Show Custom Field? is set to true
Default: Custom Field
Require Custom Field?: (checkbox) Make the custom field required.
Enable: When Show Custom Field? is set to true
Default: false
Custom Error: (input) The error displayed if the custom field is not entered.
Enable: When Require Custom Field? is set to 1
Default: You must fill in my custom field

I was Just thinking maybe could use a little php to get the date/time then use echo to put it in custom field. Which works in foundation forms. I can give you the php if you want to test.

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