Cheers to Chillidog

Just wanted to give a shout out to Chillidog Hosting.

I just moved our domain from HostMonster to Chillidog. Greg was very easy to work with, got the domain transferred over quickly and smoothly with no loss of files or mail.

He is very patient - I asked quite a few questions and he didn’t even flinch - even when I sent a question then a minute later added to it because I forgot to add something, then again a couple minutes later added to it because I remembered something else to ask.

Our website is running smoothly and faster than we had on Host Monster.

I plan to move a couple more domains over there soon.

Thanks to Greg and Chillidog Hosting.


I’ll second that. Greg and Bri have got me out of trouble many times. Excellent service at a good price. When I take on a new RW project, I try to get the client to use Chillidog as I know that all the ‘bells and whistles’ on the site will work - not always the case with some hosts!


I tell new clients that the first thing I’m doing is moving their hosting to a new host, Chilidog!
And changing them over to RW away from GoDaddy!


I would also throw my 2 cents in. I have really enjoyed the hosting from “Chillidog”. I transferred about 12 months ago from a different hosting service and just renewed for another couple years. The transfer and setup were easy with clear instructions. I actually had some great answers to questions that were given in the language that I could understand, ie no high technical “stuff” that I can’t understand. In the other service, I often got this, or “hmmm…don’t know how to help you”.


Thanks all! We :heart: you too :slight_smile: I appreciate the kind words. It goes a long way on the (sometimes) long nights.

Stay safe,


Yep! Echo all the comments on this thread .
Am refugee from GDad. Should have left them 20 years ago.
2020 was a great year for me.
Changed to Chillidog hosting and discovered Sitelok!
Greg, Brian & Adrian are superstars.

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Yep. Chillidog is a no-brainer. Saw the suggestion on a live stream from Joe Workman and switched at that moment. Can’t beat having someone who supports RW as a host.


Just wanted to say we’re switching over to Chillidog and recommending them as the preferred host for all RapidWeaver websites. Better late, than never!

We’re also working with Greg over at Chillidog so that RapidWeaver can automatically setup hosting credentials. Should be pretty cool, and really help users to get their website online faster than ever before!

More news on all that soon…


:metal:can’t wait to rock this.


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