Chillidog Hosting Service Thank You

(leigh) #1

I just want to put a big shout out to Chillidog Hosting, who have just changed my hosting packages over from Fasthosts. They did all the hard work ( about 25 sites ) and made it as painless as possible. They have been ( very ) patient with me , I do ask questions! , and helped me every step of the way.
Credit where credit is due, excellent service.

Thank you Greg and the support people.

(Stephen Foster) #2

I’ve also recently benefitted from Greg’s help … above and beyond the call of duty.
So a big thank you from me too!

(Kenny White) #3

Huge fan & love how he deals with my simple mind. Thank You @barchard

(Phil) #4

Can’t agree more.
Greg is so easy to work with.


(Gregory Barchard) #5

Everyone is too kind. :metal::pray: keep on weavin!


(Joe Wasser) #6

I couldn’t agree more. Web work is a side hobby for me. They are very patient.

(system) #7

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