Chili dog Hosting - Client area blocked be Avast malware

(Doug Bennett) #1

Tried to get to the client area and got the following warnings

(Gary Wann) #2

Probably best to contact Greg direct rather than posting here?

(Gregory Barchard) #3

Yea send me an email. There is nothing wrong or dangerous with the billing area. Especially with a favicon file that Avast is complaining about. There’s nothing to worry about there. I wonder if it’s due to Avast not recognizing the SSL authority but I’ll have to check.


(Peter Danckwerts) #4

I remember we had a number off similar complaints on the old forum. the consensus was that Avast was throwing up a lot of false alerts.

(Doug Bennett) #5

I would have sent you an email but the area that is being blocked (still blocked) is the support area.

(Gregory Barchard) #6

It shouldn’t be blocked. Avast should still allow you to access the site. Also, you can always email me at support@

Anyways, I’ve notified Avast about the false-positive that their software is reporting.


(Gregory Barchard) #7

Avast support has responded to my inquiry and has fixed this. I assume it’ll be updated in their next virus definition update.