Web Hosting Malware scanning software

I hope I have found the right forum to ask this question?

As a web designer using Rapidweaver for many years I now find myself running into problems with my hosted websites getting infected by malware. At one time my hosting company would scan my resellers account for Malware free of charge, it now appears that they would like to make money off of this problem by selling SiteLock for each of my hosted websites.

For example it will cost me $72 (US) for each site I have setup with SiteLock. (36 Months prepaid)

Can anyone recommend a Malware retail package that I can buy so I can check any of my hosted accounts at anytime?

I rather buy my own software and not have to pay my hosting company for something I feel that they should be doing for there customers and now charge.

Also can anyone recommend a hosting company that provides Malware scanning along with the resellers account? :grinning:

Thanks for your help

Don’t know of any outside products that would work. Anything like that would probably require a high level of access on the server to work. So I would guess unless you’re running on your own private server with root access it would be difficult to find anything.

I would be much more concerned with how the sites are getting infected in the first place?
You didn’t mention the hosting company you’re using but for malware scanning/removal $72 a year per site (3 year commitment) sounds very expensive. I don’t use these services but dreamhost offers a equivalent service DreamShield for $3 a month ($36 a year) with no commitment.

I never have found a need for these kind of services, I try to take steps to prevent infections from happening.

Thanks for getting back to me. I believe the hosting company will need to take care of this themselves at a service charge of course.

Decided to delete the vertical hosting domain and set it up again from backup files

Running SSL certificates now. And of course setup strong passwords. It appears they got access through a poor email password. Not sure but it’s a moot point now that the hosting was terminated.

Thanks again