ChiliDog Webhosting Rocks!

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First of all, my hat is off to all of you who contributed to a (now closed) thread where I began seeking suggestions for a new web host. Several poster’s suggested ChiliDog Hosting and then Greg (of ChiliDog) popped in. This is all history now. All of my websites are resting comfortably in one of ChiliDog’s servers.

I want to make two comments:

Working with Gregory Barchard (of ChiliDog) was like working with a big brother. He did all the heavy lifting. Greg kept me uptodate on everything during the migration. I have never migrated from one web host to another, so this was all new to me. Greg made the entire process seamless, but I know it was a lot of work for him. He is truly a pro in every respect. I am extremely satisfied with everything he has done for me.

My second comment is this: As soon as I was free of my old web host, ASO (A Small Orange), I was inundated with emails from Indian web dev’s. (ASO was apparently purchased by a large web hosting conglomerate in India.) This morning my spam box had 48 emails and over half were seeking to “help” me build my websites, yada, yada, yada, …

And, amazing to me, was one that was ready to help me with the new domain name I purchase on Saturday! How, does have access to that information??

I also found it amusing that ASO seemed shocked that I would audacity to leave for another web hosing service. Following Greg’s advice I cancelled all of my ASO services and they had the balls to put a hold on those so I could “reconsider” my move. I politely (I really was polite … ) told them to respect my wishes. They finally got the hint and cancelled everything. Or so I think. I have thought of contacting my CC company and informing them that they should not honor any further charges from ASO.

Bottom line: I am extremely grateful for the excellent advice I received within these forums. I am a lot wiser and very happy that my websites have a new ChiliDog home.

Greg, you’re the best!

Thanks for hearing me out.

P.S. In case anyone is wondering why I left ASO the reason is this: They raised my rates from $50/website to $110/website WITHOUT ANY NOTICE WHATSOEVER. They claimed to have sent emails notifying everyone of this, but that is 100% BS because I have always kept all of their emails. With four websites I have to keep track of their billing and so on. Anyway, this is all history.

(Kenny White) #2

Just dumped LunarPages and went with Chillidog too. Seamless ! Thanks Greg for the quick communications :slight_smile:

(Mark Spaulding) #3

Yep, that was my experience too! Kudos for Chillidog!!


(Pete Schuder) #4

Did you have issues with LunarPages? I have been with them for 10 years and never had one problem. I know they just switched to new servers in Nevada, but not a hitch in service for my 4 websites. Just wondering.

(Kenny White) #5

Actually fairly decent if I didn’t need their help. I had issues early on when they were moving my stuff to different servers - then no big hiccups for years. I felt like if I did have any issues or questions I could never get a timely response. If I did get a response, it usually wasn’t related to my question. Now that I’ve tried to get them to unlock my domains - really horrible communication (still actually trying to get a response). I wanted to be with a smaller, more reliable host that would actually respond to my questions in a timely manner. Someone that was RW familiar. Chilidog was an obvious choice (Thanks Greg). I got an eMail today just checking in and asking if all was well. Customer service is actually important to me.

(Gregory Barchard) #6

You’re very welcome. It was/is my pleasure :slight_smile:


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