Chillidog Hosting launches DDoS protection 👮‍♀️, Website Accelerator ⚡️, and more

Hi friends,

It’s long overdue, but I thought I’d share some great news with the RapidWeaver community.
Chillidog Hosting was the first to offer RapidWeaver users 100% SSD based hosting. Now, we are back with some more great news.As part of our recent server upgrades, all Chillidog users now enjoy 4 big new features,
2 of which are firsts for the RapidWeaver community.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection

The first new feature is Denial of Service Protection. DDoS is a method where hackers take down a server or group of servers in an attempt to disrupt real users from accessing a website or conducting business. Chillidog now protects users automatically from 3 different categories of attacks. This helps to ensure your site is up (and stays up) even in some of the worst scenarios.

Website Accelerator

The second feature (and RapidWeaver first) is a website accelerator. Chillidog users
can now turn their speedometers to 11 as we automatically speed up the HTML (.html), CSS (.css), Javascript (.js) and images on your site. This means your sites load faster and rank better in search engines.

Faster Internet Access

The final important upgrade we’ve deployed is a faster internet connection. Much like
your internet at home, faster is better. The gateway for your sites to the world wide web is now more redundant and faster. This means that visitors throughout the US and EU will experience faster page speed.

PHP7 (and 7.1) Support

Now you can choose between PHP5 or 7 directly from the control panel. PHP7 brings
significant performance improvements over PHP5.6. If you’re using Wordpress, PHP7 is highly recommended. PHP7 can be configured on a site by site basis directly within user’s control panels.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. I am excited to finally bring these new features to the Chillidog community.

Your top dog,

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I am sad. I really wanted to use your server. But I can’t email you - your contact page is having problems!!! This makes me suspicious.

In addition, you have no information about publishing for Rapidweaver 7.

I have no problem creating a support ticket and @barchard writes me back pretty quickly. If you haven’t already, go into your billing and create a support ticket.
And there is no difference in publishing older vs newer versions of RW.


As mentioned in your Facebook comment, yes, that specific contact form you’re using is broken. Sorry about that. I am working on fixing it and re-doing all of my documentation. You may email me directly via the email address provided or open a support ticket as @LSPhoto suggests via the billing area here

Publishing in RW7 is exactly the same as RW6. Sometimes, as a small business, it is hard to keep up with every major update. As RW6 and 7 are the same, please feel free to follow the RW6 instructions


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The pictures are not the same as RW6 and RW7

Happy to go over any questions on any differences between 6 and 7. Please, however, open a support ticket. I’d allow me to discuss and address specific questions in greater detail.

Thank you

Thank you for your support. You were way too kind to a cranky old woman on Facebook. The web page is finally loaded and I am fine.

awesome. glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile: