Reliable hosting

In praise of - Greg from Chillidog @Gregory Barchard

A couple of days ago I received a rather alarming email from Google informing me that I had a self signed SSL certificate on my site, which I knew was not true, and began to investigate. When I visited my site I was confronted with one of those Google warning pages and lots of red text telling me it wasn’t a good idea to proceed. I was pretty unsure what was going on but knew I hadn’t done anything different recently and I checked the certs and everything to me looked fine, but the problem wasn’t going away.

I duly fired off a support ticket to Chillidog, my host, and within an hour and a few email exchanges Greg had located the problem (I use Cloudflare and it turns out somehow my IP was all mucked up in the DNS section even though I hadn’t changed anything) and the problem was solved and my site back up and running. Very quick and very personal. One on one.

A couple of years ago when I was a complete novice I chose Chillidog to host my sites purely because I read on the old Google+ forum he was a RW developer and had set up his hosting company with RW users in mind. I now use a lot of his services, I’ve called on him a quite a few times to correct my mistakes and ask advice. He’s always helped me out promptly, personally and with patient understanding of my technical buffoonery.

I strongly recommend Greg and Chillidog for hosting your RW sites. Support the community and the community will support you.