Another Shout Out to Chillidog Hosting

I notice some others have taken a moment to praise this ISP. Let me add my voice.

I have had truly exceptional service from Greg and Brian. They have been thorough and patient…regardless of how novice or ignorant my question has been.

My most recent interaction has been the business of setting up a SQL database. I approached this with a fair bit of trepidation, but Greg informed me that they have been working on documentation to make this very straightforward.

Suffice to say, that between their improved documentation and the setup instructions from my payment cart vendor, it was an absolute snap. Took all of about 5 minutes and the SQL database was up and ready to roll.

It’s unusual to get this kind of responsiveness and positive attitude from many online vendors. Chillidog sets a high standard and I wouldn’t have a moment’s hesitation to recommend them to anybody looking for a supportive, responsive and well-priced hosting solution.

Rock on, Chillidog!


Same here! The fine folks at Chillidog Hosting have never failed to be helpful no matter how stupid my questions have been. And they’ve gently helped educate me in better ways to use the internet and their services! I now have 7-8 sites with them and only accept projects that will allow me to move their hosting.

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