Chroma Pro & Chroma marker : Nav bar

Hello everyone,

I am using RW8 with Foundation theme.

I watched all the tutorials by @tav for this stack but I can’t figure out how to do this. I would love your help.

Basically I need to fix the green call to action button (“begin the journey today”) which is at the top-right corner of the nav bar. I want it to be visible once visitors scroll down and activated just before the Impact-header.
That button is inside a SideBar stack (BWD) as in the left there is my logo which I might leave also to show with the button.

Does the Chroma stack does the job, or do I need to use the Chroma PRO stack? I think the latter is the one.

I tried both but what I did didn’t work.

This is a picture of my nav bar in edit mode:

Thanks for your help. For your reference this is my site

I’m not sure what you mean - do you want it hidden before the Impact header gets to the top of the page? This is only a tiny amount so I’m sure I must have misunderstood.

Drop me a support email if you would like and we can pursue this properly with the project files etc.

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Hi Tav,

Yes, I’d like it hidden before the Impact get to the top of the page, so just about after the original menu is not visible anymore.

I can send you an email with the project files etc. Thanks for your support.


You don’t need to send the whole thing - just the top of the page. It will be easier for me to set it up for you and explain what I’ve done than it would to try and talk you through it.

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Oh yes, absolutely.

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