New Chroma Stack

Chroma is now available.

Chroma is the new menu control and positioning stack as used on the BWD web site.It has been a long time coming and is in use on many sites already under its previous name of ScrollUp Pro. It does so much more than just a supercharged ScrollUp and I though a name change was in order.

See the demo site for more details: Chroma stacks

Get the stack (free of course) Choma Stacks for RapidWeaver


Great. Wonderful. Fantastic! Thank you very much - again :slight_smile:

Btw: I would love to see an option which tells me how far the reader is in viewing the current page. I have seen such as a colored line underneath the top navigation bar which grows as the reader scrolls down. See:

Any idea hw to achieve this?



@joeworkman Has ScrollLine that is part of the Call To Action stack set. It does exactly that.


Thank you. Just what I was looking for…

Big White Duck has delivered another cracker. The power of Chroma is not to be underestimated.

I plan to use this in future project themes as it has so many great features that can help take your site builds to a new level.