Classified ads, no need for the "shop" part

Hello !

I am looking for a solution to create a quite simple website with ads, but no need to sell.

So it would be just products (houses, cars, whatever…) with specifications (price, size, color…) in a page where you can have a selection based on your own search/needs.

I mean ; for example, on a “cars” website : you can choose a color, a year, from 100 000 to 150 000 kilometers and the website gives you the right selection.

I saw that php Jabbers could do that (although I never tried to use php Jabbers) ; is there some other solutions you would think of ?

Thanks (-_-)

Maybe this weavium stack:

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Hi @luzule

If you need to have a large number of items, then may I suggest you look at my product - EasyDB

The FreeForm Pro addons allows unlimited number of filters and of course unlimited items. If you have any questions, please contact me through my website:


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Filter would be worth a look -

As would Filter (same name, different stack) -

Hello guys and thank you for your answers !

UltraList seems not to be configurable enough ; you can just pick ads from key words, but you can not select items with different keywords or values, I am right ?

EasyDB seems very complete, although the graphic design is a little old fashioned.

In Stack4stacks’s Filter : it seems impossible to select a “range of value” and you can add 10 categories only to each item.

And Yabbad’s Filter is very close ; impossible to select a range of value, you can just select keywords.

So : I’m going to review EasyDB more closely, thank you again for your help !

And I’m still listening for good advices :wink:

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You could also try Code Canyon but php jabbers has been recommended by a few people here, I believe the php jabbers can be dropped into an existing RW page via an HTML stack.

I looked for a similar solution for a garage website for a car sales listing within RW but nothing suited because I was looking for the option to select make then model, plus it had to be usable by external users who didn’t have RW. In the end I bought a script from Code Canyon which was good but is now falling behind in terms of SEO, structured data, sitemap generation. The dev for that has been talking about a newer version for well over a year now, so also looking for a new solution.

I have been considering the php jabbers script but also now looking to see if I can bend TCMS into something that will achieve most of what I want. There are usually only a small number of cars, less than 15, so maybe I don’t need to be too hung up on too many options.

If you’ve found a good solution in php jabbers it might well be worth a go, especially if you get the developer license, so you can edit things as needed. It depends how complex/simple you need the Classified Ads to be, a custom script specifically built for that purpose may well be better in functionality and time saved.

Will be interested to see which solution works

How about 1LD’s Quick Finder?

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manofdogz ; same issue with Quick Finder ; not complete enough, can’t search with ranges of values, thanks :wink:

pmjd ; ok ;I’ll keep you informed. PHP Jabbers seems to be the best option right now.

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Hi everybody.

Finally, it seems that I won’t be the one creating this project. So I won’t tell you if the php Jabbers solution works…

Sorry :wink:

I use a lot of PHPjabber scripts, so have I believe a good feel for their products, and in my opinion, the classifieds script is not the best. It’s too complex for a user to add a listing.

Ah ok ; thank you for this !

And ; could you give us some examples where you use php Jabbers, and wish one ?

BecCause I’m still interested in these kind of solutions… Not not first time I think about using one…

I use the Stiva store extensively. Booking managers too. I use the hire module a lot, KB, and forum, most of them I guess.

You can see them all listed as “addons” on my business site:

If you look thru the portfolio you’ll see the scripts in action on live sites. I’m presently working on about six client sites, all use one or two of their scripts.

Most of my version though are heavily modified. The Store for instance now does loads more than the default. So if you see a feature on one of my client sites you like, check it’s default and not a modification I’ve had done.

OK TemplateRepro : thanks for the link and the informations. I fact I knew your website.
I took some time to visit it and see what you do with your “modified php jabbers”…
Tanks again !

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