Is there a stack i can use?

Hello everyone,

I would like to make an update to my website and looking of somme ideas of how to add somme options.

Currently I do not want to sell anything on this website (yet…) because most of my products are custom made and it will be a little complicated with the check out process.

We receive daily a lot of quotation requests thru a form that i’ve build with fondation. All is ok but many of my clients want to send the quotation request for multiple products at a time. So my question is if there is a way that by navigating on each product page of my website, the client can actually choose the product they like, and add it for an inquiry??? I’m talking something like a shopping cart but they do not actually check out, only they select multiple products and send it to us in order to receive a price offer based on that selection.

Sorry about my bad english but i hope you got the idea of what i meant. Any help or suggestion will be much appreciated.

Thank you!

First beautiful site…very well done IMHO. Two options popped into my head:

  1. Use an ecommerce stack/plug in and simply have the products listed with no price. While I’ve never used one of the ecommerce options for RW there seem to be some great options with the cart functionality you seek (a quick google for Rapidweaver cart stacks or ecommerce stacks will get you headed in that direction). Then I would imagine the verbage used on the site simply would change from “purchase or buy” to “get a quote” “add to cart for your quote” etc.

  2. Second I could imagine a form with a grid of products with radio buttons where upon submission one could select whatever they are interested in. However, looking at the scope of your products the cart solution might be a more robust solution IMO.

Hope that helps to at least spark an idea. Good luck and once again great site.

Ecwid a cart system, has a lot of options, catalog mode, invoice, etc. then when you are ready you can turn on payment processing.

No stacks or plugin necessary (both exist) you can just paste the ecwid widgets into an html stack.

The product info, images etc. are all fine in the ecwid site, not in RW so no republishing when adding/ changing products.

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Thank you for your reply, i was thinking the same thing, an e commerce solution might do the job.
I’ll give it a try shortly.
Best wishes

Scott i have a Ecwid account that i will reactivate, even if its a paid plan if it gets the job done that’s perfect. Thank you for this suggestion.


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