Clean publish site with Easy CMS

I have a 15 page site with 6 pages of Easy CMS content. As it is being heavily re-structured I want to delete everything from the server and publish again from scratch.

Am I correct in thinking that doing this will lose user added content to the easy CMS pages? Should I keep the CMS-data folder on the server and republish the rest?

Probably a noddy question - but despite talking about it almost none of my clients actually use CMS so I’ve pretty much forgotten what I did with this originally! And I’m fairly sure that I did a similar republish before and ended up with 6 empty CMS pages.

You should definitely keep the cms-data folder, since this is the folder where all the content added by the user resides. If you didn’t change the cms IDs then everything should work after a republish just fine…

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that’s what I thought - many thanks!

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