Go CMS data on server

I have a large site that has a lot of old files and folders on the server that are no longer needed. Hence I want to delete everything from the server and do a fresh publish - easier than going through all the folders on the server.

However, about 6 pages use GoCMS2 from @yabdab and I wouldn’t like to lose the latest versions of whatever my clients have added to those pages. I’m assuming I should just keep the cmsgo folder in rw_common>stacks but m not entirely sure. Any advice? Thanks.

Keeping the original rw_common/plugins/stacks/cmsgo folder is the key.

After you do a fresh publish, swap in the original rw_common/plugins/stacks/cmsgo folder.

You should make a complete backup of the original site just in case you have any issues.

As always, test this out in a sandbox before messing with a production web site. :wink:

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Great - thanks for this.

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