Client Management System

I have SiteLok and setting it up was pretty stright forward. Works well .

I am looking to be able to have each client have the ability to select specific “Lab Tests” , add them to a Cart , Pay and then ship samples off to me. Once I have analyzed the Samples, I would like to place the PDF of the test results into their on line account .

The client would be able to look at their account and see all of their stored test results. I don’t mind manually uploading the results. I am just looking for a way that they can access them through my website. It looks like I cannot do that with SiteLok…….I may be missing something here.

Thanks to All for such great support !

Not sure where you are based but have you checked if the test result fall under any medical regulations? If so the storage and transmission of confidential patient information and couldn’t require some significant investment in time and effort to ensure regulatory compliance.

Looks like the User Files plugin will do what you want. It’s a Sitelok add on and costs $14.95.

Another case of double post. Looks like Erik got similar advice here…

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