Download Stack that update itself?

I have true download stack handworks great, but recently my clients want files (old PSDs or AIs files from their backup archive) and it’s getting annoying go to the computer set up another download link on their account page for them to download the file. I’ve been using services like dropbox or droplr to send the files fast but I don’t want to rely on that. I want my clients to go to their membership page and download their files from there. I’m using sitelok stack (recommended 100%) but I’m asking if you know a way that if I’m out of my office and I have the file on my phone that can easily drop it on the folder in my server… the file appears on this download page available to my client? is there a stack like that? thanks in advance

@Albertkinng For similar situations I use the Repository stack. It can be integrated with SiteLok. You can create a repository area for each client (I have no idea how many you have). If they have lots of files per client then it’s also easy to divide up into subfolders: PSDs, PDFs, and so on.

I haven’t tried Repository with my phone … but I know it’s possible to upload files via phone. Repository has a very nice interface and works great. You can always ask @instacks questions if you need more info. Or check out page here: inStacks Software | Repository Stack - Perfect for Warehousing File Manager, Media Browser, FTP Application, Online Text Editor

Another option might be to consider one of the Sitelok plugins. You could ask @vibralogix about this.

I create course websites. The consequence is I create one repository folder area for the whole class. This means students (in theory) could download other student work or delete it. I trust my students (they are adults) and have not run into any problems. But with clients you probably need to create a repository area for each client. Easy if there are 5, awfully time consuming if there are 500.


Total CMS file and depot features can handle this for you as well.

And Total CMS works well with Sitelok.

Thanks for the purchase @Albertkinng !

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@Albertkinng Working with many students the biggest mistake I see them making when using Repository is NOT to upload a file with an extension. That’s a problem because the web doesn’t magically know what kind of file it is. So if they are going to upload something you’ll need to emphasize the need for an extension (.psd and the such).

Other than that it works without any hitch and is easy to learn/use for customers. Repository also allows for easy downloading of folders or subfolders. That’s a great advantage of using subfolders in several cases: with one click they can download all their PSDs, or all their PDFs, and so on.

And it works great with big files. In one course students were always uploading MP3s and WAV files. You may need to coordinate with your hosting service but I had no problems with uploads up to 400 Mb.


Your stack seems the one that will help me get the job done. Any inquiries I will let you know.

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Joe, recently I feel your stacks and plugins are more to the advanced user. For me, a user friendly interface and a good tutorial is what I need, if you please make some easy to follow videos with basic step by step tutorials as others do will move me to buy your products. I mean, it was easy for me to install Sitelok with all the sql database and php handling, super easy to follow and very friendly. I still can’t believe I still use Foundation 1 when I bought Foundation 6 crazy to upgrade my sites and use your new version framework because I can use and handle F1 with my eyes closed. It’s frustrating.

Great tutorial and very user friendly man! Keep the good work!

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