Cloudflare Clear Cache and Enable Development Mode API

So I find that from time to time I end up forgetting to turn on development mode and spend a good 15 min trying to figure out why it looks like my site isn’t publishing any changes.

I found this post about the Cloudflare api. However I seem to be missing how to actually use it.

Anyone have any ideas?

My host ( offers it in the Control Panel… super easy to set up and purge… but not sure who you are hosting with and if they include it? @barchard runs Chillidog.

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Looks like it’s curl from the command line, still going to have to remember to do it. Sounds like it’s easier just to login to cloudFlare and throw the switch.


Thats why it didn’t work as PHP! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks @teefers , I’ll have to see if I can convert a command line CURL to a PHP CURL.