"CMS" Gallery script?

Does anyone know of a gallery script that is entirely CMS, that users can log in to, create galleries, and add & edit images?

I’m looking for something like a PHP script that has its own backend, with a frontend that can be embedded into a RW site.

Of course, if a full CMS gallery system exists within the RW ecosystem I’ll be happy to consider that too, but I don’t think such a thing exists.

The crucial thing here is users being able to create galleries that will appear in the embedded front end, not just add images to galleries that I need to create for them inside RW.


Gallery Stack in combination with Repository Stack for example.

Thanks, but while that is my go-to combination for pre-defined galleries, where I create the galleries on the page and the users can only add images to these galleries. With this setup there is no way for the user to create new galleries and for these new galleries to appear on the webpage. Unless I’m missing a trick?

I see now. No, that’s not possible.

Maybe a bit “over the top”, but this should be possible with the Blog stacks of Total CMS by Joe Workman. Each Blog Post can have it’s very own Blog Gallery, so you would have unlimited galleries with unlimited photos inside of each gallery. TCMS would also take care (if you want) of the image dimension (for example downscaling a 12 MB big image to a more reasonable size). Sorting of the photos inside a gallery would be simply done via drag and drop. Everything would be done from the TCMS backend without even touching the RW project. TCMS perfectly integrates into every theme I know of. But it comes with a price ($99.-) and is tied to a single domain (including all subdomains of this domain).

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Thanks, I’m aware of TCMS, but it’s not for me.

Ideally I’m looking for a commercial PHP script, that isn’t tied to RW.

Total CMS itself is not tied to RW. You can create all of the galleries that you want without the need to have RW. Finding a PHP script wouldn’t be any different except being more difficult implement and style.

Check out photographer gallery services like ShootProof, Pixieset, CloudSpot. It’s a common use case to upload and present photo galleries, e.g. of events, weddings, and so on.

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Thanks, Joe, but TCMS is not for me. I don’t find implementing or styling PHP scripts at all difficult thanks. I just need to find one that does what I want.

Sounds good. Good luck. Check out phpjabbers?

They don’t have anything suitable, but thanks.

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