Easy cms and gallery stacks

hallo firends and connaisseurs of rapidwaver,
i very much like the capabilities of “easy cms”. it’s pretty easy to implement and customer friendly (we all know how obtuse they can be…) the only thing i am missing is the posibility to use something like the “impact stack” as a gallery of pictures.
does anybody know of a way to do something similar? thanks much and greetings,

This can be done, but only to a point. Here is what you can do. Add Impact and make the images be warehouse images.

Then you need to set up Easy CMS images, so if you have 3 impact images, you will need 3 Easy CMS image stacks for them to drag and drop images on. Then you need to get the URL for each image you drop. Click on the Copy Image Path button

When you do, you will see a box like this:

Copy the link to the full size image and then paste it in the warehouse link box:

Now, with Total CMS, they could add more or less images, but you can not do that with Easy CMS.

Here is a link to the project file I used

and you can see the site here

Now, since those URLs are set, all you have to do is drop a new image on the page and it changes, those URLs will NEVER change. Go ahead and try it!!


Gallery Stack 3 also supports easy CMS. But like zeebe said, several image stacks have to be configured therefore.

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thanks abunch, @zeebe and @instacks, that really gets me going! now… just to complicate things: what if i want to give the client the possibility to alter more pages than one on his site? do i have to install 3, 4, 5 admin pages or is there some more intelligent way?
looking forward to the responses of the pundits, cheers,

You can do it how you want. One way we tell people is to use an accordion type stack or a tab stack and have a different tab for each page. Then you have one page as an admin.
Make sense?

sure does!!! thanks i’ll try that!