Photo Gallery of Galleries - What Stack to Use?

Hello. I want to create several galleries on my page. I want to have 6 albums with 15-25 photos each, each one represented by a single thumbnail that opens the individual gallery in a lightbox. I am deciding between Joe Workman Image Gallery Stack and Instacks Gallery Stack

Joe Workman seems al little easier for me to use, but is not responsive. Gallery Stack is responsive, but not as intuitive for me. Neither support warehousing of images, and with the amount of photos on the page, I thought it would be good idea.

Both companies have been quick and helpful with their replies when I send questions. Any thoughts on which one to go with or other ideas?

I am using Rapidweaver 5, with Elixirs Rustic Responsive Theme.
Thank you

Without wishing to muddy the waters, Yuzool’s Box sounds like it might be a good fit?

Thanks so much for the suggestion. It is a beautiful solution if it works. In the sample gallery it seems all the thumbnails are from the same gallery. I am looking for each thumbnail to launch a new gallery/album. I have emailed them to see if that is possible.

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Hi, did you hear back from Yuzool whether what you wanted to achieve is possible with Box? I want to do exactly the same thing you do and Box looks great if it can do it.

Not that you want a complete CMS system for this, but you could probably do this with TotalCMS. You can see an example here:

I agree. at the moment the best solution for warehouse galleries is TotalCMS in combination with the Impact Stack. The Instacks Gallery Stack is also very good if you can/like to use the one of the build in styles. For most of my projects I still use the old Ultimate Warehouse Gallery Stacks !!! no support available during the last 2 years !!!. These Stacks are very flexible for any layout style, fast and robust. The problem is, this Stacks are not responsive and not made for Stacks 3 or RW 6, but they still working with this versions. Maybe sometime a developer grab this idea and build a similar group of Stacks for this kind of use…

Do you think creating new galleries within the totalcms admin will be eventually added? I still have to manually create them on a school site I administer and the staff keep asking for more galleries!

Not sure, that is something that @joeworkman would be better on answering. I am guessing no as the way the IDs are set up it would be hard.

@borkbork, the Yuzool box did not work out for me, but I found another solution. I am using the TopBox stack by Stacks4Stacks on my album page. with the image gallery setting. It allows warehousing and has worked for me so far.

Whoops, the hyperlink did not work, you can view how I am using it here. All 4 album samples use the TopBox stack.

Thanks for getting back to me. I ended up buying playing around with Yuzool Box and also could not get it to do what we want. I moved onto JuiceBox2.0 which does it, but there was no manual/instruction, so it took me a while to figure out how. TopBox looks great…maybe in the future.

@borkbork, instructions are here:


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Thank you Brad,

I’m somewhat of a novice with RW, but did use that “tutorial” page as reference before and after buying JB. It’s not nearly enough to figure out the nuances of that stack. For example, figuring out what both Shutterbug and I wanted to achieve: using one thumbnail image to open a gallery of images. Again, maybe it’s that the developers expect users to be a bit more experienced, but for a relative newbie, the solution was not intuitive…though once you figure it out it’s a “duh” moment. The tutorial does not clearly address some of the claimed abilities…I am still trying to figure out how to “display multiple images at the same time”. It’s not something I NEED right now, so I am ok with experimenting to find out how to do it…but I really NEEDED the one thumbnail opening gallery of many images function, and that was specifically why I purchased that stack over other options.

Opening a gallery of images with one thumbnail can be done with and the single image thumbnail option.

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The perfect look would be for me this exemple:

Would anyone know what stack would make a selective gallery possible?

That can be done with many of the filter stacks out there:
Filter by Yabdab
Filter by Stacks4Stacks
are just two among many others. You can do a search here for other filter type stacks.


I have a situation where I have thousands of photos and need a way to quickly upload them into perhaps 200 categories or so and the photos need to be downloadable to registered users. (I use Sitelok for people to register.)

I planning on making a memorial page of my brother-in-law who passed away. He took thousands of nature photos the last 15 years and many of them are high quality.