Code to hide site logo, title and slogan in only one of the pages. Thank you

(Pebble) #1

Hello everyone,

I need to hide the site logo, title and slogan in only one of the pages of the website I am building with HV TABS theme. This is in the portfolio page built using the HV TABS Slideshow.

Did not work when I used the following codes on CSS header:

#sitelogo {visibility: hidden !important;}
#title {visibility: hidden !important;}
#slogan {visibility: hidden !important;}

The code:

#container {visibility: hidden !important;}

Hides everything including the built-in menu!!!

And I do need the built-in menu to show on the HV TABS slider for slideshow of my portfolio.

All help much appreciated. Thank you.


(Pebble) #2

Worked it out myself!!! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

CSS to hide logo =

#pageHeader {visibility:hidden !important;}

and in Page Inspector

override default site settings for title and slogan. Just a tick!

I Rock,

I Rule,

I Rock and Rule!



PS: Google also has been showing Site Logo on my Homepage for years.

PPS: I no longer care.

(EricW) #3

That must be really crowdy, so all by yourself :slight_smile:… good you solved it :clap:

(Henk Vrieselaar) #4

Hi Pebble5,

I think this css is better:

(Pebble) #5

Thank you Henk,

You are a star! :slight_smile:

Yes, your code worked much, much better.

Myriads of thanks.



(Jonah Lee Walker) #6

I can’t see your CSS to hide the Site Logo, it shows up as blank, can you let me know what it is?

(Henk Vrieselaar) #7

Hi Jonah,

Please contact Will Woodgate for support of my themes:

Kind regards,