Code to hide site logo, title and slogan in only one of the pages. Thank you

Hello everyone,

I need to hide the site logo, title and slogan in only one of the pages of the website I am building with HV TABS theme. This is in the portfolio page built using the HV TABS Slideshow.

Did not work when I used the following codes on CSS header:

#sitelogo {visibility: hidden !important;}
#title {visibility: hidden !important;}
#slogan {visibility: hidden !important;}

The code:

#container {visibility: hidden !important;}

Hides everything including the built-in menu!!!

And I do need the built-in menu to show on the HV TABS slider for slideshow of my portfolio.

All help much appreciated. Thank you.


Worked it out myself!!! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

CSS to hide logo =

#pageHeader {visibility:hidden !important;}

and in Page Inspector

override default site settings for title and slogan. Just a tick!

I Rock,

I Rule,

I Rock and Rule!



PS: Google also has been showing Site Logo on my Homepage for years.

PPS: I no longer care.

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That must be really crowdy, so all by yourself :slight_smile:… good you solved it :clap:

Hi Pebble5,

I think this css is better:

#pageHeader {display: none;}
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Thank you Henk,

You are a star! :slight_smile:

Yes, your code worked much, much better.

Myriads of thanks.



I can’t see your CSS to hide the Site Logo, it shows up as blank, can you let me know what it is?

Hi Jonah,

Please contact Will Woodgate for support of my themes:

Kind regards,