Split Theme - Invisible slogan!

(Francis) #1

Hi all, first question here!

2 Questions:

  1. I used to be able to see my slogan for my Split Theme project (Yuzoolthemes) on rapidweaver 7, but now I can’t seem to make it visible again. The Slogan checkboxes just seem to be not working for it, but they do make appear/disappear the Title.

  2. I want the slogan to match the active language so I thought about using this in slogan field (Edit: I butchered the tags to make them appear…) :

"span lang “EN”> English Slogan /span> span lang “FR”>French Slogan/span> "

But a few days ago (when I tried the slogan) we saw all of the span lang> tags, but they worked fine in Rapidweaver 5.

Thanks for your help! I’ve been using Rapidweaver 5 for our business website, but I’m new to rapidweaver 7 and a rookie with CSS,HTML.

(Michael Frankland) #2

Difficult to see much from that image @Francis_Bouvrette but happy to have a look if you send us in the RW project and /or link to your site to our help section:

(contact form in top right)


(scott williams) #3

As Michael @yuzool explained, really need a URL to see what’s going on

(Francis) #4

Hi there, my site is not currently published so I can’t provide a URL yet… But I edited my original post with a updated the screen clip to better locate where I thought I could have my slogan!

(Doug Bennett) #5

The URL is needed for folks to look at the HTML an CSS behind the site.
Your post indicated you have custom code in your site. Could you post a shot of the custom code, any settings pages of the theme.
Still a URL is the best way, it doesn’t have to be a production site. A test directory, sub domain, or test URL would work.

(Francis) #6

I published my site for testing purposes. Here is the link : www.csched.com

(scott williams) #7

This may be a dumb question, but do you have the Site Title option checked to show in the general site set up?
I don’t see a div,class or id for it in the source, like it’s turned off. I didn’t dig to deep, but that’s what it looks like.

(Francis) #8

The Title checkbox is indeed unchecked, as I don’t want the Title but the Slogan… The Title appears right in the big header image, which I dislike, but I thought I could have the slogan right by the logo.

(scott williams) #9

Sorry Francis, my mistake I misread, was looking for title.
Edit: I don’t see the id for slogan either. I don’t have Split but I would look through the theme UI and see if it is being turned off somewhere there since it’s on in general settings. That must be the case.

(David) #10

I think in Split it’s the “Title” text that goes in that area rather than the “Slogan”, so you have to tick the Title box where you have “CSched” written. At the moment nothing is between those tags:

(Francis) #11

Here shown is the result with the Title option checked. It does work fine, but it is not what I want… Maybe it is not the slogan I am after, but I would like my slogan “Scheduling is our one specialty” at the right of the small white logo the header.

(Doug Bennett) #12

That does not appear as an option in the split theme.

You could try some custom CSS:

.main-nav ul:before {
    content: "Scheduling is our one specialty"; 
     padding-right: 175px;

You will need to play around with padding. You can also add other CSS styling to the above.

(Michael Frankland) #13

Thanks @teefers and that looks a great solution! :slight_smile:

(Francis) #14

Thanks @teefers , It does work! I must have been mistaken with the Kiki theme having the Slogan there, as I was debating between using one of the two. Thanks @yuzool for the quick email responses, great support!

(Doug Bennett) #15

I’m happy it is working for you, a couple of things you should be aware of. On you gave above, your navigation will drop to a new line when the screen width gets to around 853px:

The breakpoint to go to the hamburger mobile menu is 768px.

By adding the CSS I gave you with something as large as:

Scheduling is our one specialty

Even with a small padding the line-break will happen on all but the largest screens (probably even 1000px).

Anyway it’s a lot to try to fit on a single line.

(scott williams) #16

maybe add a media query to turn it off below 860px?

(Doug Bennett) #17

Yes I think it would be closer to a 1000px so you could change it too:

@media only screen and (min-width: 1000px) {
.main-nav ul:before {
    content: "Scheduling is our one specialty"; 
     padding-right: 25px;

Then test it and see when it breaks to the new line.

(Francis) #18

Wow I am learning some cool things here! It made me realize I should cut down the number of menu items…

Now I would like to know if I can align the navigation menu at the bottom of the logo instead of at the top? (Example of how I wish the menu to be aligned to the logo : http://www.norda.com/)

(Doug Bennett) #19

You can add some padding to the top:

.main-nav {

You will need to play around with the size to match the logo you are using.