Column Spacing Issue

I have 3 columns (containing text stacks) arranged vertically. The columns have too much space between them. How do I decrease that space? The only padding is on the first column on top to keep it from being too close to the image above it.

Without a URL or more information it’s going to be difficult to get help.

A URL to at least a test page is always easier to get help with layout issues.

Short of that at least tell us what stacks and theme are you using.

The theme is Kinfolk (purchased). The stacks are the column stacks (1 column) and Paragraph Pro for the text stacks.

I don’t have that theme, so without a URL to at least a test page I can’t help other than to tell you to check top and bottom margin and padding settings on each stack.

It could be the theme is setting defaults for margins and or paddings for paragraphs.

1 col stack???

First thing I’d do is check the same layout with a different theme to see if @teefers is correct.

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