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(Scott Lee) #1

Reviewed previous strings re the ‘Comments’ stack by Joe Workman. All over a year and a half old so I thought I would start a new topic…It works great my question has to do with Facebook. Is there a way to connect ‘Comments’ to a Facebook Group and not the Facebook member? Any ideas? Thanks!

(NeilUK) #2

I’m pretty sure that it’s a limitation from Facebook that comments only work with personal pages.

(Scott Lee) #3

Thank you Neil! I am presently trying to figure out how to get my comment to show up on Facebook… even tho there is a checkbox for that on this ‘Comments’ stack which is checked. I just need to work with it for a while. bottom of page if anyone is interested.

(Joe Workman) #4

The entire thread does not show on facebook. The only time something gets posted to facebook is if the commenter also checks “post to facebook”

(Scott Lee) #5

Thank you! Works great!

(system) #6

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